A group of people in a raft on the water.



Rafting in Denali

One of the best things about a Denali vacation is being outside.  Rafting allows special views of interior rivers for a two-hour, four-hour, half-day or full-day trip. The Millers work with local rafting companies with excellent equipment including dry suits and excellent reputations for safety.

Do you want to float with an oar or do you want to paddle on exciting on Class II, III or IV rivers?  You can have an easy float trip or you can choose a more exciting whitewater adventure.


  • Enjoy being outside in Alaska
  • Bring sunglasses, eyeglass holders, and two pairs of woolen socks
  • Dress in a long-sleeve shirt and long pants
  • Also consider kayaking and bicycling for more outside fun and more discounts
  • Choose calm family trips or more adventurous whitewater trips